Here you’ll find my my LinkedIn articles, other blogs and a selection of some of the most interesting LinkedIn and Twitter posts. For a full LinkedIn post list please see LinkedIn.

The process of preparing presentations (7/2020)

Teams is with me wherever I go (6/2020)

Why don’t you have video on in meetings? (12.6.2020)

Miksi Microsoft Teams menestyy? (in Finnish, 5/2020)

Giving a conference session in the middle of the sea (5/2020)

MVPs Unite To Share Microsoft Teams Expertise (13.5.2020, recordings available for MVPs)

M-Files quest blog: 5 Microsoft Experts Share Their Insights on Document Management in Microsoft Teams (7.5.2020)

Feelings from #WFH (4/2020)

TeamsFest and SPS Warsaw session recordings (4/2020)

TeamsFest session slides (1.4.2020)

Teams meeting bingo mythbuster (3/2020)

Teams-kokousbingo: faktantarkistus (3/2020, in Finnish)

Ikkunastudio-podcast: Teamsin tilannekatsaus (20.3.2020, in Finnish)

Teamsdagen conference in Stockholm (12.3.2020)

TechDays Finland (5.3.2020)

Office 365: The Game (Workshop method) (3.3.2020)

Teams UNO playing cards (3/2020)

Yhdessä saamme aikaan enemmän! (3/2020, in Finnish)

Waiting for others to join… (3/2020)

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint PnP Weekly – Episode 72 (25.2.2020)

#M365 social community profile of the week (2/2020)

Intranet with Teams: customer case reference (2/2020, in Finnish)

Featuring in ESPC20 TeamsWeek (19.2.2020)

Featuring in TechCommunity MVP Award Blog’s Friday Five (14.2.2020)

Metadata in Teams Files experience (2/2020)

Featuring in TechCommunity MVP Award Blog’s Friday Five (6.2.2020)

Differences and similarities in user adoption projects between Finland and Dubai (1/2020)

Super swag day with Microsoft Teams hat (1/2020)

5 things every end user should know about Microsoft Teams (blog, 20.1.2020)

Suurin haaste tiimityöskentelyssä Microsoft Teamsissa tällä hetkellä (1/2020, in Finnish)

My Office 365 and Teams customer cases 2019 (blog, 16.12.2019)

What are the most interesting new features in SharePoint and Teams? (12/2019)

SPEND and SAVE: Shopping list for Office 365 user adoption (blog, 11.12.2019)

SPS Oslo highlights (12/2019)

My #ESPC19 highlights (blog, 6.12.2019)

Microsoft MVP award post (12/2019)

Why Teams’ private channels are the enemies of modern teamwork (blog, 20.11.2019)

Jos tietotyö on organisaatiossa vain harrastus (11/2019, in Finnish)

PowerPoint Presenter coach (11/2019)

Two weeks in my calendar (11/2019)

#communityrocks – but why? (blog, 15.11.2019)

Where’s the ROI in user adoption? (11/2019)

I’m a certified Prosci Change Management practitioner! (11/2019)

“You have to make it so easy it doesn’t require training!” (11/2019)

WhatsApp-kaaoksesta Teams-ryhmiin (blog, 28.10.2019, in Finnish)

Empowering customers to survive on their own (10/2019)

Change takes time. Have patience. (10/2019)

Teams only – are you ready? (10/2019)

Miksi (introvertti) tykkää käydä puhumassa julkisissa seminaareissa ja konferensseissa? (9/2019, in Finnish)

“Kenelläkään ei ole omia dokumentteja, koska yhdessä työstäminen on tehokasta.” (9/2019, in Finnish)

It’s called Teams, not solo! (9/2019)

TOP3 tips for organizing workshops (8/2019)

Should I replace Yammer with some other social media tool? (8/2019)

I’m an IT expert, not a gender (blog, 14.6.2019, ESPC website)

WhatsApp and Shadow IT (5/2019, in Finnish)