I’m a user adoption consultant and Microsoft MVP in Office Apps & Services. I guide organisations through the digital transformation journey. I plan and help to execute the Office 365 user adoption roadmap together with my clients. I help my customers to develop modern teamwork and enhance internal communications with the help of Teams and other Office 365 tools.

My goal is to to enable and empower the organisation to lead the change from within. I love to work close with my clients and share them as much knowledge as I can.

I also work closely with the C-level and engage and inspire the managers to the change. I know where’s the ROI in user adoption and how to get most out of the Office 365 licenses. I’m a certified Prosci change management practitioner.

I’m highly organised and I make things happen. My magical abilities include making sense and bringing structure into chaos. I’m straightforward, fast and sometimes even funny.


I love attending conferences, having presentations, sharing my knowledge, changing experiences and learning from others. Without the Microsoft community I wouldn’t be half the consultant I am now.

Take a look at my public speaking events and presentations (including presentation slides and sometimes even recordings!) and my blogs and other posts.


Microsoft Office 365 collaboration and communication tools, especially Teams ❤️

Yammer and all the cool thingies such as OneNote, Planner, Forms and Delve. SharePoint from version 2007-> 😱 Ability to point out use cases and discuss user needs for Power Apps and Power BI.

Also other collaboration and communication platforms such as Slack and Facebook Workplace.

Certifications, awards and educational stuff

Microsoft MVP, Office Apps & Services (2019)
Prosci Change Management Certification (2019)
• CLD277x: Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist (2019)
• Specialist Qualification in Product Development and Service Design (2018)
Master’s Degree in Administrative Sciences, University of Tampere, School of Management (2014)

Work experience

• 5 years as a consultant
• 5 years at the client side of the business
• 5 years doing random stuff while studying

For more detailed information, check LinkedIn.